We strive to show our viewers the best Asian content.

We unite the lovers of anime, manga, doramas, donghua, ranobe. We understand their interests and desires, we acquire and distribute content rights, and provide high quality localization.


DEEP (Dentsu Entertainment Eurasia Partners) was founded in 2019 by Dentsu Japan Network (DJN) and OKS Group.

Dentsu Japan Network (DJN) is a conglomerate of 150+ Japanese companies in marketing and communications, media and PR, event-management and IT.

About OKS Group

Since 2006 OKS Group has been specializing in investments in media and technology companies in Russia and worldwide. Their investment portfolio contains 25+ projects in various business spheres, including media and communications, content production and IT innovations. The total value of assets under management amounts to $350+ million with an annual turnover of $1.9+ billion.

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Video content

Import of the best Asian content, its adaptation and localization, promotion and monetization. We participate in the creation and development of local content projects by using our own resources and expertise in the field.

Our interests lie in the following sectors: various content for video platforms, cybersport, music, concerts, big screen content, creation of shows, game industry and special events.

  • Importing and localizing content
  • Producing and co-producing shows and series, and managing associated rights
  • Producing and distributing content for OTT platforms, TV channels and other video platforms
  • Organizing themed events and rights management

We are open to partnerships with multi-platform media holdings, content distributors, production studios, IP holders, content tech players and experts.

Manga, manhua, manhwa

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in manga localization and adaptation, with extensive experience in the field and a deep understanding of the audience’s needs.

We are open to partnerships with publishers and rights holders from different countries – manga, manhua and manhwa – interested in localization and distribution of printed and digital editions in Russia and CIS.


Forms of Partnership

Reselling & Licensing​

As your market representative, DEEP can act as distributor or reseller of solutions or rights. We have business relationships with many majors, large corporations and ecosystems in the areas of broadcasting, media, entertainment industry, retail, healthcare and many others. 

Consulting & Business development

DEEP is moving forward with providing strategic advisory and support in developing new business streams for its partners and clients in areas where DEEP has expertise and business links.

Direct Investments & Joint Ventures

DEEP considers direct or JV investments in smart businesses where DEEP can leverage in-house expertise to support entrepreneurs’ courageous dreams and bring their innovations to life.

Investment Syndicates

In keeping with its mission, DEEP is ready to develop smart solutions in strong synergistic syndicates. DEEP’s first partner is Skolkovo Ventures.

Operational Partnerships

DEEP is open to any kind of commercial partnerships and value-adding alliances in areas where Dentsu Japan has expertise or subsidiaries.


Our JV participant and its network of angels, HNWIs and institutional investors can help with fund raising to leverage and grow interesting businesses.



Evgeny Krasnov

Head of Content

Nikita Kokin

Project Manager

Artem Nikolaev

Sound Director

Nikolai Chesnokov

“Manga” Project Manager

Dmitrii Zubarev

Video Content Manager, SMM

Ruslan Kotkin

Product Manager, SMM


DEEP exhibited at World Content Market

DEEP’s team worked at the company’s booth at World Content Market from 8th till 10th November, while Artem Nikolaev, Chief Sound Director presented the DEEP’s expertise in Asian content and the approach of “localizing emotions with communication of the cultural context” we follow.

DEEP Announces New Appointments to the Top Management

On April 08, Roman Antonenko became new CEO of DEEP, who previously held the post of commercial director of JSC NTV Television Company (2017-2021). Mikhail Voshchinsky, who supervised DEEP launch as CEO at an early stage will become a member of the Board of Directors.

TV channel interview at “Moscow 24”

The development of anime market in Russia attracted attention of “Moscow 24” channel. Evgeny Krasnov, head of localization and marketing, gave an interview, in which he talked about anime distribution market in Russia and its specifics.


Please get in touch with us if you are looking for any kind of partnership and business development around our expertise.

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